What is Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is considered one of the most attractive forms of business today. Once you truly understand how it works, you'll agree that it is simply one of the easiest ways to start up a business without the headaches and financial worries associated with setting up a traditional company. Drop shipping allows you to get into business quickly, with less money and lower risk.

Drop shipping is when you send your individual orders that you get through eBay, Amazon, or your own website to a supplier who then ships the product directly to your customer—without you ever touching the product. The benefits of setting up a relationship with a supplier like this are incredible. Just think, you have no inventory to warehouse, package, ship, or pay for while it sits in your warehouse (or your garage or living room). There's no middleman robbing you of your profits. It's very quick to start up. You don't need to make an expensive commitment to products that may not sell. It allows you to test selling new products from multiple suppliers without financial risk. You don't need to lock yourself in to a long term lease for a brick and mortar store (you can literally start a drop shipping business in your home. In fact, it is definitely possible to run a multi-million dollar company right from your home). The number one benefit is that you actually do not even pay for the product until AFTER you receive payment from your customer. There's nothing else like it.

Setting up a business based on drop shipping doesn't mean there's no work, but it sure is easier. Our tools and services make finding suppliers and products extremely easy. We'll save you valuable time that you can use to boost your bottom line. We will literally help you save months of time and frustration in trying to find the right suppliers and products to sell. We have spent thousands of hours doing the research for you, so you don't have to. Give us a call to learn more.

How Drop Shipping Works

Here is a summary of how drop shipping works.

How Drop Shipping Works Diagram

How do I find Suppliers?

With GoGo Dropship's easy-to-use directory, we provide you with over 3000 qualified and reputable wholesalers / drop shippers that we personally screened. Why research all these numerous companies and spend the time doing it when we have already done it for you. Another advantage of working with GoGo Dropship is the mere fact that we are NOT a middle man. Again, that means that you keep 100% of the profits. We just provide you with the information that is necessary to becoming successful online. With many product niches appearing each day, it is essential that you have reliable information and an experienced company to work with who knows the pitfalls. So whether you use our service for a day, week, month, or even years, we're here to help you. So what are you waiting for? Call our product sourcing experts today and allow us to jump-start your online business.

Wholesale Supplier Standards

We hold our wholesale suppliers to strict standards. We rate them based upon:

  • Profit Margin
  • Return Policies
  • Restocking Fees
  • Product Selection
  • Speed of Shipping
  • Amount of contact information - Phone, Email, Fax, Live Chat, etc.

Quality Control

If a wholesale supplier is not living up to your expectations or delivering your products in a timely manner, let us know. We care about the quality of the product and the customer service you receive from the suppliers in our directory. We're committed to resolving the problem, or the supplier will be immediately taken off our drop ship directory.

GoGo Dropship Directory Maintenance

As new drop shippers and wholesalers meet our stringent guidelines and become qualified through our process, we add them to our directory. You then have instant access to their contact information and product selections. Unlike other drop ship programs that hide the names of their drop ship suppliers and make commissions off your sales, we want you to think of GoGo Dropship as your "little black book" of supplier contact information. There is no hiding of contact information in our drop ship directory. We link you directly to the drop shippers and wholesalers who carry the products you wish to sell. We'll also provide valuable content that will teach you how to drop ship products online.

What our clients are saying


"I have sold over $1000.00 worth of merchandise in the last month and I expect that to increase exponentially over the next few months. I am currently unable to spend much time researching items to sell, but with a little help from the staff at GoGo Dropship, I am confident that my business will grow and do well."

- C. Dolda, Cleveland, TN


"The supplier you helped me find is an excellent supplier. Their website is easy to use. The turn around for shipping is superb. The downloadable images are great. I have recently been approved to sell products from other suppliers and have learned just how awesome they are in comparison. I intend to sell items from other suppliers however, and am currently working to research the best products they have to offer. I am thrilled to work with GoGo. They are helpful and informative. I would never be having even my modest success thus far with out their help. I have learned a lot of invaluable tips & tools through them, but still feel that I am given the freedom to learn the ropes on my own"

- S. Renner, Casper, WY

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